Each variety of certified seed that we carry is carefully selected to provide the best return and match the growing environment of the farmers we service.


Are a medium-sized bean, beige in color with brown spots. They have an earthy flavor with a creamy texture. They are mainly used in Southwestern and Mexican dishes.

Seed Varieties Maturity Plant Structure
Windbreaker Ripens quickly 92 days Short vine 21" recorded in 2013 trial, good yield 3,500 lb/acre, needs to be picketted or cut
Monterrey Med 92 days Upright, high yield, need to flex
Santa Cruz Med 94 days Upright, high yield, need to flex
Torreon Med 93 days Upright short vine
Rough-Rider 95 days - early maturity Semi Upright
Island 102 days Partially upright vine
Maverick 96 - 99 days - medium early maturity Vine Semi upright

All pinto seed is treated with Maxim/Apron XL/Dynasty/Rancona. Lorsban and Cruiser available for additional cost.


Also known as Black Turtle Beans, they have a black shiny appearance. Black beans are very nutritious and hold their shape well while cooking. They have a rich mushroom, earthy flavor with a meaty texture. Can be found in many Mexican, Caribbean, and Latin American dishes.

Seed Varieties Maturity Plant Structure
Eclipse 99 days Upright, high yield
Zorro 95 days Upright, high yield, short vine, direct harvest


Also known as borlotti in Italian. They are high in nutritional value. They are white or cream colored with deep red specks. Despite the name, cranberry beans are not related to cranberries. They are creamy in texture with a nutty flavor and have a sweeter taste than other beans. Very popular in Italian, Portuguese, and Greek cuisine.

Seed Varieties Maturity Plant Structure
Hooter Late 98-100 days Determinate bush


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